Fruits of Harvest

Success is sweet (failure. . . . . not so much).

$5000 Salad

After all the designing, planning, building, shoveling, ordering seeds, more planning, more seeds, more dreams and more shoveling, one ACTUALLY has . . .’tada’ . . . FOOD!

Meet the $5000 salad!
Yeap. That is the cost of this one harvest. Now that said. I calculate that the second salad makes the two of them only $2500 salads each. And so goes the de-escalating math.

First Fruits 4/25/2020

April 25, 2020
I am beside myself this morning. We have had a few days of ‘rain, rain’. In between showers I ventured out to check the ever ripening STRAWBERRIES. Viola . . . and ever so SWEET! This luscious treat, at such an EARLY date, is made possible by ‘THE HOOP’!

Snow Peas 4/25/2020

Peas Please
It has always been hard for me to get a good crop of peas by planting in March. The heat always took a hard toll on the crop. So now I find I can plant, IN THE HOOP, in late Fall and Early Winter and have peas to pick and enjoy before move gardeners in MO even have peas in the ground!

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